Cascade SBR-system and constructed wetland

Wastewater treatment cascade SBR-system and constructed wetland with underground water storage
SBR-Constructed Wetlands cascade realized in Mexico-City

The SBR-Constructed Wetland is a combination of a sequencing batch reactor (SBR), reed bed treatment and sludge dewatering system in one construction. The SBR-system is based on the conventional aeration system for wastewater treatment (activated sludge process). The different processes of filling, mixing, aeration (carbon removal and nitrification) and settling take place in only one chamber. The processes are running one after another in three phases: Filling, reaction, sedimentation.

After the completed treatment cicle the purified water will be discharged into the reed bed treatment system as a polishing treatment step and for disinfection. This water leaks through the sandfilter and then flows into an special storage tank under the constructed wetland. The stored clean water can be used for irrigation or discharged into a river. The accumulated sludge gets into the sludge dewatering reed bed beside the SBR-reactor.


Download 1: Short description of the project in Mexico-City