Stormwater Treatment Wetlands

Flood protection and wildlife habitat
Ecological stormwater biotopes

Instead of stormwater overflow basins in concrete, which are use in a combined sewerage system, stormwater wetlands for purification and storage can be used. These artificial biotopes could be established as cascades of ponds for sedimentation and buffering followed by subsurface flow constructed wetlands in form of a soil filter. They provide a high primary and secondary efficiency for wastewater treatment and work as a comparatively cheap method of flood protection and as a wildlife habitat. Well examined realizations of Blumberg Engineers have proven these positive results for more than 14 years now.

Stormwater treatment system Oberg during construction.

Stormwater treatment system Oberg in operation.

A general description of stormwater treatment wetlands is given here.

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Retention and treatment of polluted stormwater and combined wastewater and subsequent disinfection for irrigation reuse