First natural swimming pool in Canada now under construction


Together with our partners gh3 and Polyplan we have finished the design of the first public swimming pool without chlorine disinfection in Canada in the city of Edmonton, province Alberta.
The high microbiological safety standards for swimming pools are maintained without any chemical additives only using natural gravel filter systems, partly planted with helophytes (constructed wetlands), partly unplanted. The main natural treatment systems used are a hydrobotanic plant filter system of 50 m² with a volume flow of 250 m³/d , an unplanted gravel filter of 190 m² with a volume flow of 2.500 m³/d  and a submerged substrate filter with 50m² and a volume flow of 250 ³/d. The water exchange rate is 3,4 /d . It is designed for an average of 930 bathers / d.
The total basin area is 857 m² with a total volume of 942 m³ ,divided in a kiddies pool and a main pool.