Extension of the sewage sludge processing constructed wetland at municipality Liebenburg (federal state of Lower Saxony), Germany

On July 13th, 2018 we finished the execution design and the tendering documents for these new sludge drying reed beds (1200 m²) and submitted these documents to the municipality of Liebenburg, Germany.
We have been commissioned  by municipality Liebenburg to enlarge their existing sludge treatment wetlands to a capacity of 800 m³ primary sludge (5 % dry matter content) per year from the sedimentation basin in front of the root zone treatment plant Othfresen. This is the oldest large scale constructed wetland (2 ha) in Germany, serving currently 4.000 population equivalents. The root zone treatment plant Othfresen is now in operation since 1974 and has been supervised intensively by our managing director Michael Blumberg already in the 1980 's of the last century, together with students of the chair for ecochemistry of University Kassel.

germanies oldest large scale constructed wetland

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